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Graphic                   Improvement


Michael Krakau Hansen

Graphic Consultant

+ 4520738115 


Welcome to Graphic Improvement. 

Michael Krakau Hansen- 29 years of experience with printing machines


Graphic Improvement is offering solutions of different technical printing tasks, e.g. education of printing machines, guidance on advanced reprotasks and trouble shooting on technical challenges.


Below you will find examples of the products we are offering. Adaptations to specific client needs are of course agreeable. Please contact graphic improvement for a solution to the specific technical print challenge your company is facing.



Graphic Improvement has 29 years of experience in flex-,offset,- screen- and letterpress, and is offering consultant aid in these areas:



Installation and commissioning of printing machines

Optimizing of print and workprocesses

Printing machine equipment

Printing machine tools

Material selection



Kind regards


Michael Krakau Hansen

Graphic consultant                             

Graphic Improvement

Tlf.+ 4520738115